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Here’s a question that’s puzzled me for years. Why are vegetables, on a daily basis fine on their own, but merely suggest guests for dinner, and they suddenly need to be enrobed in a cheese sauce?

Our family’s recipe file has an entire section of “Company Vegetables” and Broccoli Casserole is at the top of the heap.  In the run-up to Thanksgiving (here in Canada) I’ve been reminded that this group of special, company-only, cheesy recipes would always make an appearance.

I recall reading an article years ago about study results from a group of child psychologists suggesting that kids were more likely to enjoy vegetables (specifically the green ones like broccoli and Brussels sprouts) later in life if they were introduced to them with some kind of sauce.  My vegetable-phobic partner would have you believe that obviously suggests vegetables can only be enjoyed when their true identity is hidden behind a sauce.  He also believes that popcorn is a vegetable so we just agree to disagree on the topic.

I’d have to say that I’d’ve been on the outside of the norm in that study – I was never a fan of the processed “cheese sauce”.  It’s likely why in recent years I’ve remade this recipe but used fresh broccoli, a mushroom sauce that wasn’t previously condensed, wild rice not of the “minute” variety and a cheese sauce that used, well, real cheese!  A tasty, less processed version of a family classic.

But I present to you here, the original (with it’s endearingly misspelled title) in all it’s cheezie goodness. Enjoy – with or without company!


Also in the “Company Vegetable” section is this one for Turnips au Gratin.  I don’t recall it ever making it to the table, but it piqued Mom’s interest enough for her to clip it out. A gold star to anyone who can explain to me why in the picture it’s garnished with orange slices. The 1970s was a decade of wondrous culinary delights wasn’t it?


One thought on “Say Cheeze – Or Don’t – Broccoli Casserole

  1. Real cheese is becoming so difficult to find these days, isn’t it? I recently made cheese toasties and was appalled when the cheese refused to melt. Straight into the bin !


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