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I’m endlessly intrigued by the number of casserole recipes that appear in our family file like this one courtesy of Jackie Eddy, who was the Food Editor of the Edmonton Sun through the 1980s.  It’s a great example of what inspired Mom, who was a master at combining disparate items into a  tasty meal that could, conceivably last for days.

Mom being of the post-Depression generation was always aware, either consciously or not, of the need to make food “go as far as possible”. She learned some valuable lessons from my grandma about extending the more expensive proteins in a meal with less expensive “filler”. And she was a homemaker during a time when the modern casserole was the mainstay of a busy household.  There weren’t many school events, team practices, committee meetings or family get-togethers that didn’t feature a variety of casseroles. And why not? They can be prepared well in advance and then be transported and re-heated with ease.  Interestingly,  many of the recipes have been updated in Mom’s handwriting with “healthier” substitutions for the canned soups that so often made an appearance.  Healthier is a somewhat loose term as the substitutions are more often than not canned veggies.  But she was trying!

I don’t remember Mom making a lot of the casserole recipes in the file but they were defiantly the inspiration for casseroles like the one below, a staple in our home for many years. It was a family favourite that was Mom’s version of a recipe from an old, long-gone magazine article. It was also re-done by the Best of Bridge ladies in one of their books as I recall.  It’s definitely a tasty one!

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