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Vintage Recipes and Recollections


Some of my favourite recipes are those in the file marked “Lake”.  They’re usually like this one in that aside from being really tasty are fully transportable. A must for meals destined for consumption at the lake, or volunteer events at the Edmonton YWCA where the name of this recipe comes from.

As much as everyone loved to be at Holmwood for the weekend – or for the summer if you were really lucky! – there was a lot of planning and preparation involved getting the family from the city to the lake.  Although there were always a couple of stores in operation in the village at the lake, they were designed more for picking up extra milk and bread than groceries for the weekend. Advanced meal planning was an essential skill, even more so when Mom and Dad got their own cottage at the lake when Holmwood became too small for the expanding extended families.  Mom often prepared this hearty soup in advance and was able to heat it up and serve it with a salad and some garlic bread in pretty short order after arrival.

Tasty and transportable – doesn’t get much better than that!


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