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pistachio 2

A couple of notes about the recipe – after the “third layer” is complete, let it set in the refrigerator before adding the final layer. And unless you have a real love of artificial whipped cream, substitute with the real thing!

Full disclosure – I tend to pass right by any recipes in the file that have “Delight” in the name. More often than not the “delight” involves some odd combination of fruit, cottage cheese, jello and whipped cream. But this one has avoided all of that quite successfully. And it’s soft green colour is the epitome of Easter celebrations.  It’s also an easy dessert to put together well in advance and one that Mom often left me in charge of putting together.

Easter in our home was always a time for family, often highlighted with a lovely ham dinner.  But there’s one Easter that always stands out for me.  One year when I was about eight or so,  Mom and Dad, along with the grandparents took us to the mountains just west of Holmwood for the Easter weekend.  We had a great time enjoying the beautiful national park and got to stay in some terrific cabins.  My brother and I were somewhat concerned that the Easter Bunny might not know we were on holiday, but Mom assured us that the Bunny had everything under control and we’d be just fine.  Unfortunately, the Bunny clearly didn’t take into account how cold it got at night in the mountains, and that placing chocolate eggs on the heat registers probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.  Needless to say there was more chocolate milk than Easter eggs in the morning – what a mess! – and some parental scrambling to find replacement eggs!

Enjoy the recipe and Happy Easter!

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