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Vintage Recipes and Recollections

What is Holmwood and what does it have to do with old recipes?  It’s all about the memories….

Holmwood was the farm where my Mom was born and the lake cottage at Seba Beach, Alberta, where generations of the extended family gathered every summer. Truly there is no other place in the world, that the mere thought of, can calm my soul so completely.  And even though it’s no longer there I often “go back to Holmwood” when I need to let the stress of the world melt away.

The recipes presented through this blog offer the same kind of comfort.  While my Mom was battling through Alzheimer’s, there were two things I could talk with her about that often broke through the fog of confusion – old recipes and Holmwood. The two are completely intertwined – many of the recipes in the collection were copied down, or clipped from magazines and newspapers during lazy summer days at Holmwood.

I hope some of these vintage recipes will ignite some memories and inspire the imagination!



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